MH4U Sonic Cross Over

Capcom has confirmed that Felynes in Monster Hunter 4G and 4U will be able to aquire Sonic The Hedgehog themed Armor and weapons. Not well known to Western players, but the game will also feature a Hunting Horn themed on Bandai Namco’s Taiko Drum Master series. Via siliconera

MH4U Collector’s Edition NA

Capcom has revealed a North American Collector’s Edition for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The Package Includes: Exclusive Gore Magala figure Felyne wearing Gore Magala armor Pin Monster Icon lanyard Cleaning Cloth A Physical Copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate And All this Packed in a Supply Item Box You can Pre Order this right now …


Monster Hunter Disco Remix [Japan]

On Oct 1st 2014 Capcom Japan will release another of its many Monster Hunter Soundtrack discs. This time it will be a Disco Remix Album. Track List (Horrible Google Translated Version) Proof of the 01 heroes (Sebastian Schwartz Remix) 02 Roar / Rioreusu (Sebastian Schwartz Remix) Airou cute 03 (Dominique Chagnon Remix) Sogaku 04 Shukyo …


New Nintendo 3DS

Our last article of a new Monster Hunter 4G bundle just got a whole lot better! Looks like New Nintedo 3DS has some extra improvments than just a cool Monster Hunter Skin. The system is faster, has a longer battery life, and a “c-stick”. The c-stick will replace the circle pad pro and is located …


MH4G 3DS LL Bundle For Japan

*UPDATE* Bundle includes the NEW Nintendo 3DS Nintendo is releasing a bundle for Monster Hunter 4G in Japan. The bundle will include the game and a nice silver 3DS LL (3DS XL), it will be available Oct 11th 2014 in Japan and sell for around $250 USD. via kotaku

MH4G Old Desert Map Updates

Capcom Japan has released a video showing off some of the changes it made to the Old Desert Map in Monster Hunter 4G (Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in US). The movement over the dunes really shows off a smooth transition in the vertical movement of the area.