Monster Hunter 4G and New 3DS Sales

Japan has had five days to eat up the latest Monster Hunter 4G, and Capcom has confirmed that over 2 million copies of the game have shipped thus far. That brings the total sales for all games in the Monster Hunter series some where around 31 million. Monster Hunter 4 sold over 4.1 million copies …


Nintendo Japan Adding 3DS Themes

Nintendo Japan has released several game based themes for the Nitnendo 3DS and 2DS. Most the themes are common Nintendo Characters (Mario, Luigi, Princess, Yoshi, etc). The most exciting theme is Monster Hunter 4G. No word if the themes will come west, but its a safe bet we will see an update adding support for …


MH4U Sonic Cross Over

Capcom has confirmed that Felynes in Monster Hunter 4G and 4U will be able to aquire Sonic The Hedgehog themed Armor and weapons. Not well known to Western players, but the game will also feature a Hunting Horn themed on Bandai Namco’s Taiko Drum Master series. Via siliconera

MH4U Collector’s Edition NA

Capcom has revealed a North American Collector’s Edition for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. The Package Includes: Exclusive Gore Magala figure Felyne wearing Gore Magala armor Pin Monster Icon lanyard Cleaning Cloth A Physical Copy of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate And All this Packed in a Supply Item Box You can Pre Order this right now …