Play Monster Hunter Frontier

Anthony has pointed out a thread on the Capcom Unity Forums with English players Playing Monster Hunter Frontier.

From: Anthony

A group has very recently revealed on capcom unitys forums that there
is a way to play frontier in the united states without getting banned
or breaking any laws. the game is pay to play at around $15 a month
and is in chinese, but its an easy solution and one that anyone can do
with no true problmes. this link to the forum has instructions on how
to get on how to pay and even knoledge of an english speaking guild.
Its not an english version of the game, but for the first real time
americans get to enjoy the monster hunter goodnes they want. as a note
the game is alittle behind on updates, and is in forward 1 (japan
being in forward 3) and forward 2 is expected some time next year

The thread is a little old at this point, but You can check it out here

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  1. pumped…sucks I gotta loose my character though…I was playing on the korean servers though..and I lost the KSSN I was using..I might start playing this..I wonder if I can use my psp as a controller like I did on the korean was already comfortable for me since I have been playing on the psp for years

  2. Getting there, not too bothered its only US (I live in the UK), gives me hope that there may be hope for a English version of the game. But a great monster hunter will be great on any platform in my opinion (if it is truly great).

  3. everything I have ever read about it says “currently have no plans”…that doesnt mean “for sure” its just means that they arent really working on it right now

  4. Sorry for necro-ing this but I know all you guys are cool ;D … Is there any way for someone in the UK (like myself) to LEGALLY play this anymore? It would be the monster hunter of all monster hunters…

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