MH3U 3DS Screen Shots

Yuri from Capcom has posted some great screen shots on the Capcom Blog. The screen shots are of the 3DS version of the game, and I have to say they look amazing!

Just as Monster Hunter Tri pushed the Wii to its limits and truly showed what the system could do, this game will do the same for the 3DS.

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  1. I think these show well how good MH can look on the 3DS.. And these aren’t even in 3D…

    The 6th screen shoot shows some nice botton screen customization I dont think I’ve seen before as well as a player search button..

  2. Some of the initial pictures of MHU (3ds) have seemed oddly a bit better than those of MH3G… even the game play videos shown so far have seemed… a bit different looking (and not just due to being in english).

      • Well Yuri specifically said these are 3DS images, I’m pretty sure they are XL images which should render better than regular 3DS images, or they just upscaled the game to XL when they made the jump to 3U

        • I sure hope nintendo isn’t going to pull out another crappy XL product out of the bag this time. I don’t understand, why do the XL thing with that? It’s stupidity incarnate. I mean, I knew a guy with the DSi XL which was a total waste of money due to the fact that it didn’t upgrade the resolution of the DSi which had bad resolution because that wasn’t upgraded from the DS Lite. I was all like, “They had better have fised this with the 3DS…” Gladly they did. I’m buying a 3DS XL to play MH3U on soon, I was all like in Star Wars “Pray you don’t dissapoint me…”

          • Sorry to crush dreams, but XL has just bigger pixels (thus lower DPI), not a better resolution. Changing such crucial specs would displease lots of people, first being developers.

            Now, 3ds -XL or not- has a resolution of 400×240, and original pics exceed by very far those specs. Yet, we have pixel-level details… The conclusions are easy to draw : it’s either incompetence, lies, or huge mistakes none cared to check (which is a mix of previous ones)

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