MH3U: Nargacuga

Capcom has released another post on the Capcom Unity Blog showing off another monster from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

This time it is Nargacuga.

Official name: Nargacuga

Type: Flying Wyvern

The Nargacuga is a very unique monster that is also returning from a past Monster Hunter game. It was the main monster in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP), skipped out on Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) and now is here to stalk us again in MH3U, along with its two variants (one being the Green Nargacuga and the other we’ll leave as surprise for when you see it).

My initial tip for first time Nargacuga hunters is: watch out for its tail – it can be used in some very interesting ways, like in a stretching ground smash, shooting spikes as projectiles, and the unusually annoying tail swipes. You can sever the very tip of the tail, but that doesn’t help you escape most attacks. It does, however, grant you one extra item carving (not all monsters can have their tails severed, but when it can be done, this is the usual result).

The second thing to keep in mind is Nargacuga’s crazy speed. On one instant, it can be across the map, and the next thing it lands right in front of your hunter after a series of fast consecutive leaps. This means you’ll have to stay on top of your game at all times when hunting a Nargacuga.

One other cool aspect of the Nargacuga is the armor you can make with its body parts. Not only does it make you resemble a hybrid of ninja and warrior, but it also gives you skills related to your evasive maneuvers. This is a great tie-in with Nargacuga’s speed, mentioned above, and is one of the great things about the Monster Hunter series: making equipment that references the monsters you managed to hunt and take down.

If you’re not sold on this amazing monster yet, just note that it has glowing red eyes when it’s enraged. I wish you good luck when hunting the Nargacuga. Stay tuned for more info on Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate approaching its March release – and remember you can already pre-order your copy it from the Capcom Store.

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