BradyGames MH3U Digital Strategy Guide Pre Order

SoundHyp just let me know BradyGames has updated their facebook page to say that the MH3U Digital Strategy Guide will be avail able at launch of the game (March 19th 2013).

I also just checked out the Canadian GameStop (EBGames) and they are now showing the bonus pre order of the the Digital Strategy Guide. Unlike the US site it has a working details link on the manual, and lists it as the full 250 pages. “Bible”!


More details

Preorder Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate on 3DS or Wii U and get the Brady Digital Strategy Guide FREE!
Preorder MH3: Ultimate on 3DS or Wii U and get the Brady Digital Strategy Guide FREE.

Includes 250 pages of content. Customers will be provided with a code that will allow them to download the guide.


No release date has been given for a printed version of this manual.


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  1. I was kicking myself for pre ordering ages ago with ebgames, but now I am pretty happy about it!

    I would much rather have this than another controller or slight cheaper bundle.

  2. 250 pages. Are you freaking kidding me? The Japanese counterpart for this guide is 1200 pages. Just exactly how much content was removed from the American guide. What a waste.

    • I actually heard that the Japanese Guide was more for collectors. most of the content was simply filled with question marks. I heard it was basically an art book, thats about it.

      I don’t know about you, but I would take 250 book of actual info over a 1200 page teaser.

  3. Said it before but guides just ruin the fun of the game. Finding out how to do stuff is part of Monster Hunter. Besides if you want info/help with the game just use google you’ll find more and better info than this guide. Monster Hunter wikia, Youtube etc.

  4. Well, I’m going to pass. Already pre-ordered it somewhere else a few months ago. If i really need some info about weapon requirements, stats or anything, I’ll check the wiki, like I did for Tri.

    Disclaimer : I kill/capture a monster for the first time BEFORE checking any informations about it on the wiki, because that would be less fun otherwise.

    Eager to see you all on 19th next month.

  5. Just FYI.. there will not be a physical copy of the Guide released and the digital copy alone (if like there other guides) should cost around $14.99-$16.99.

    If you preorder both MH3U for the 3DS and WiiU that 2 codes one for you one for a friends if you like (or fordifferent devices) Valued at around $30.

    If you preoder with Amazon,, you get $20 off for preordering both together.

    You can also print the guide out as well..

    • There won’t be a physical copy? You guys are absolutely MENTAL to buy this thing. The ONLY fun thing about guides is to read them in spare time like in bed or coffee shop.

      This is disgusting now. Especially since all the information and more is available online for free. The blood guide costs half of what the game will cost.

      Shame on you Capcom for not making it Physical.

  6. I’m not pre ordering for a amazing gift. I am pre ordering cause I really want the game when it comes out.

    If they are going to give me a free digital guide I will take it.

  7. I had hoped they would have a digital version of the guide, it should be much easier to browse on my iPad then it would be to flip through a book, especially if they add a search feature.

    For the way I like to play this game a guide or the wiki is really helpful for me to maximize my effectiveness when grinding for materials. A digital guide would definitely be a lot easier for me to use while playing than a book would be.

    I’m really looking forward to it, it’s a Monster Hunter product being released in the West for crying out loud!

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