Monster Hunter World PC Behemoth!

Capcom has just released word on its Offical Steam Page that The Behemoth will finally be making its way to the PC Release on Friday, December 21.

On Friday, December 21 at 00:00 a.m. UTC, we will release Title Update 5, which includes some bug fixes. Details will follow later.

Major New Content:

  • Behemoth, a powerful beast from another world. Its large horns and muscular frame defy nature.
  • Collaboration equipment and Palico armor based on the dragon-slaying Dragoons from

    • Final Fantasy XIV.
    • New weapon: Insect Glaive “Gae Bolg” + Kinsect “Dragon Soul.”
    • New armor: Drachen series.
    • New Palico armor: Moogle α series.
  • New endemic life: Cactuar.
  • Various other features unique to this collaboration.

Talk to the Serious Handler in Astera after completing the game (HR 16 or higher)
to take on a special assignment.

The special assignment in this title update will be available indefinitely.

Bug Fixes:

  • Various bug fixes are planned for this update.

Collaboration Info:

  • Rathalos, King of the Skies, arrives in Eorzea! Hunters, become like Warriors of Light!
  • Rathalos and Felynes, mainstays of the Monster Hunter series, are coming to the world of
    Final Fantasy XIV!

For more details, see the official website:
(You can change the language at the top right of the screen)

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