What To Complete In Monster Hunter Worlds Final Days of Winter Star Fest!

With the final days of the Winter Star Fest coming to an end in Monster Hunter: World, Hopefully every has the Layered Orion and and any parts of the Actual Orion sets they want to get. Also make sure your Palico is decked out in the festive snowman before its gone.

There are a few events and challenges you may want to tackle on PC before its over.

Challenge Quests Worth Doing:

  • Vespoid Infestation
  • Get Spring Insect Field Guide (5 Needed for each armor set)
  • Allow your to forge The Queen Beetle Armor Set
  • Gajalaka Outbreak
  • Get Summer Insect Guide (2 Needed)
  • Allow you to forge Butter Fly, Queen Bee Armor, and Layered Butterfly Armor

Event Quests Worth Doing:

  • [5 Star] Every Hunters Dream
  • Get Master Craftsmen Blue Prints (Need 5 Total)
  • Allows you to forge Wyvern Ignition “Steel” and its Upgraded Version (Strongest Great Sword in the Game)
  • [5 Star] Scrapping with Shamos
  • Get Black Bandages (Need 2 Total)
  • Allow you to forge Sealed Eye Patch Alpha
  • [6 Star] Flash in The Pan
  • Get Black Crystal Tickets (Need 3 Total)
  • Allows you to forge Shadow Shades Alpha
  • [6 Star] Egg Lovers Unite
  • Get Kulu-Ya-Ku Tickets (Need 3 Total)
  • Allows you to forge Kulu-Ya-Ku Head Alpha
  • [7 Star] A Rush of Blood
  • Get Equipped with Rockman Tickets (Need 5 Total)
  • Allows you to forge Rockman Palico Armor
  • [9 Star] A Whisper of White Mane
  • Get Krin Tickets (Need 5 tickets for Kirn y Armor, and 2 for Blossom Layered Set)
  • Allows you to Forge Kirn y Armror, and Unlocks Blossom Layered Armor with 2 Ticket Delivery
  • [3 Star] USJ: Gold Star Treatment
  • Get Azure Star Shards (Need 3 for Azure Star Blade, and 1 for Palico Azure Star Armor)
  • Allows you to forge Azure Star Blade and Palico Azure Star Armor
  • Will Be able to Upgrade with Items in Next weeks Event

Remember you can always just store up the tickets and get the other materials you need in most of these cases later to complete the builds.

Anything I missed, or needs correcting?