Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Capcom Asking Survey Questions On Monster Hunter

Capcom Might be testing the waters of the West for a Monster Hunter Portable 3rd US release (That would be Monster Hunter Freedom 3 to us). The Capcom blog has posted a little survey asking you what Monster Hunter games you like, and what ones you would like to see brought over from Japan.

Any Monster Hunter fan should fill this out, as it might be our only chance to prove we deserve a release of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on this side of the world.

If you look at the survey questions they ask systems you would like to see the game on, and also what games you would like to see. You have no real way to say Monster Hunter Portable 3rd on PSP, but you can say you want to see it on the NGP. They may still yet be planning to bring that over to us via the NGP launch.

Check out the Survey Here.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

Capcom Shows Us Some Monster Hunter Love

Alright so it is still looking a little bleak for us getting a english version of the latest monster hunter anytime soon (if at all)… Capcom has finally shown the world outside Japan some Monster Hunter love! After months of the official Monster Hunter Tri site having a broken event schedule, they have posted a link to a forum page. The form page will be updated with Event Quests and Area Quests.

It is nice to even hear anything at on the Capcom blog about Monster Hunter on this side of the world.. I mean they just kept telling us how great the new game is, and that we don’t have it..

The Current Quest Info is as follows:

Event Quests for February 17th-20th North America • February 19th-22nd Europe

Quest: Mercy Mission
Hunter Rank 1 and above
Reward: Charm

Quest: The Motley Mission
Hunter Rank 9 and above
Reward: Pearl

Quest: Engulfment
Hunter Rank 18 and above
Reward: –

Quest: Speak of the Deviljho
Hunter Rank 31 and above
Reward: Lion’s Bane (tickets for Great Sword)

Quest: Lords of the sea and Sky
Hunter Rank 51 and above
Reward: Rare Charm

Arena Quests for February 18th-23rd North America • February 20th-25th Europe

Grudge Match: Uragaan
Hunter Rank 1 and above

Grudge Match: Ice and Fire
Hunter Rank 31 and above

Grudge Match: Sea Power
Hunter Rank 31 and above

Grudge Match: Brute Horns
Hunter Rank 31 and above

Its nice to see a few lower level Event Quests in the list.

Valentines Felyne’s In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

For anyone playing the imported version of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Capcom is setting up a nice little valentines day gift. Players will be able to download more celebrity felynes. Now to most of us in the west these celebrities are a not names we would really know, but this is what Capcom posted on the give away.

The first two Monster Hunter Portable 3rd celebrity Felyne downloads involved Felynes from male celebrities. To commemoratee Valentines Day, the day where girls throughout Japan give chocolates to everyone except me, Capcom is turing up the sexy by infinity plus one.

Our next celebrity Felyne download comes from Maki Gotou (age 25, height 158.8cm, blood type O).

Given how ball numbingly hot she is, it may surprise you to learn that Maki Gotou is a big time Monster Hunter Player. She’s put in over 2,000 hours into the series, even though her first exposure was through Wii’s Monster Hunter 3. In comments shared with the press today, Maki said that she’s just recently started playing MHP3 and has put in only about 60 hours or so.

Maki’s Felyne will be available for download starting February 14 at 13:00.

Maki's Felyne
Maki's Felyne
Maki Gotou
Maki Gotou

Haruna Ikezawa Save Files Stolen

kotaku has posted a interesting Monster Hunter news story.

Haruna Ikezawa a well know Japanese celebrity had her much loved MHFU and MHP3 save files stolen along with her PSP. She has been searching for any information on her PSP, but more importantly would like her save files that have over 270 hours of Monster Hunter game time logged on them.

So if you find the PSP… Do you want to Haruna Ikezawa to be in dept to you, or would you rather have a Character with over 200 hours logged on it?

Haruna Ikezawa
Haruna Ikezawa

Capcom’s Captivate coming April 6th 2011

Capcom has announced that April 6th – 7th 2011 will be this years Capcom Captivate. This is a mini event in the US for Capcom to show the latest and greatest new releases we can expect to see on this side of the sea. We can all only hope that a us release of Monster Hunter Freedom 3 gets announced.

Most are thinking that if it don’t get spoken of at this event it will not be coming to us with out importing.